Hello humans! I am indeed still alive and still loving music. The main difference is that, since my last post over a year ago, I've been lost in film student land. (Here's an example of what that means: I went to a party last night, where after introducing myself to some people, I proceeded to tell them the difference between 16mm and 35mm film for no logical reason.) But I'm starting things back up again, because sharing the music love is fun. Let's celebrate the rebirth of Mintcurry with my absolute obsession of 2007-08:

belle & sebastian - your cover's blown (6:03) buy
Catchy 70s grooving, epic scale, several tempo changes, and some of Belle & Sebastian's cleverest lyrics, covering parties to isolation to sex to suburbia? What's not to love here? I've been listening to this song constantly for the past year and a bit, and it has still yet to get old. I can put it on repeat and listen to it over and over again. Addictive and always fresh, it's definitely one of the best things they've done.

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joanna newsom - emily (12:08) buy
I had the pleasure of going to Joanna Newsom's Vancouver show last week. She was absolutely incredible. It was held in a church downtown (the same one Sufjan Stevens played in October), and her music filled up every single crack of the high ceilings, lit by the diffused suspended light. It was magical. She mainly focused on her new album, which slid perfectly into the venue: her latest album has an epic quality, like a poetic saga full of drama. Each song is long, creating a world with a sweeping, stretching story. "Emily", one of my favorite tracks, is a prime example: it's a romanticised, idealized middle ages where meteors shoot through the sky and land in pools of light. A gorgeous universe dripping with magic, love, and nights lit by torches and meteor showers.

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Two months already without any updates? Oy. Blame the onset of art school, which is taking up my precious updating time although I am enjoying it far too much. On the positive side, however, winter break starts in three weeks AND I'm off to see Joanna Newsom next week. (happiness!) And it's snowing. So therefore, without further ado...

morrissey - everyday is like sunday (3:33) buy
I'm uploading this today because (a) it is a Sunday and (b) it reminds me of empty beaches when it is snowing. Nostalgic, melencholy empty beaches: think empty benches, grey skies, and falling snow against a waterfront. Empty skies; muffled noises.

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